Hello friends,

I am here today to remind you that we are an ever evolving sum of the various practices and habits we hold and build or refrain from.

When we start off our day with a groan about how bad it might be and how rough our lot is.

And while it’s not that you don’t have a rough lot,

It’s rather that this is your life and your experience. That negative feeling grows the more we air it out; even rightful complaints can build our habit of complaining.

When we indulge a feeling or rather, experience one, certain pathways in the brain and body are being traversed. Creases are being formed in the paper of our plasticity. We may be but clay, but in that moment that choices are upon us, it is easiest to do what you have most often done. I know I’ve said this before.

So when we practice negativity in the morning we strengthen our habit of being negative, we reward our negativity circuits and they grow from this. As too, when we practice positivity, other, more positive circuit grow and better habits can flourish.

When we repeat certain feelings, we may be reinforcing them, or reducing our resistance to certain feelings, choices and actions.

In those morning times, we are also building our plan for the day. And these plans are often houses of cards, but when we come in with a mindset of negativity, we smash the card houses down and tend to close out possibility.

The morning sets the tone of the day. Take advantage of this. Load up on the type of feelings, habits and actions that you want to be, and to experience and to reinforce in yourself.

Practice positivity and feeling good will get easier for you.

Your brain will experience rewards and will build your positivity circuits, if you let – if you help it to!

When you allow your self to envision a better day for yourself, you are also opening yourself to hope. You are letting go of your death grip on the wheel of life and setting yourself up with the best odds for a positive, successful outcome.

You want to bake that perfect bread?

You want to rock that funkin’ groove?

You have to start by being open and receptive to the real possibility that YOU CAN DO IT!

Just by allowing yourself to believe in what YOU CAN DO, you lay the foundation to achieve greatness.

IF you wake up and dwell on how unlikely it is that your bread turns out well,
OR spend time doubting that you could play that funky tune,

You are setting your self up to achieve that doubt.

In the words of Yoda: “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.’ “

Which to me, means getting up and doing it yourself, putting your money where your mouth is and actually asserting your efforts.

You can do anything you put your mind to, and approach with discipline and determination.

But you can’t do anything if you convince yourself that you couldn’t.

Don’t set yourself up for a dark day, to see all the injuries and none of the beauty and graces of life.

The best we can do is try, but it does make a difference.

  1. Love it! Your logic is amazing, hope more people read your blog and follow your advice. They will certainly have a better day, maybe even a better life! Awesome blog!

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