The first review will be a series of thoughts and impressions from my many months working within the book Two Handed Tapping by Charles Berthoud and Jim Stinett.

I will say I really enjoy this book and it is one of those resources that can easily be under estimated from the first glance. As you break down and learn the music in this book, it attempts to teach you relevant skills and techniques with each individual piece. More on that in the next week or so.

Two Handed Tapping is available directly from the Stinett Music website:

and I highly suggest taking some time to look up and watch some videos of sir Charles Berthoud’s bass performance, as they are nearly all breath taking and inspiring.

Charles website is here:

The second book I will be writing about will be Josh Cohen’s newly released Tapping Grooves Vol. 1.

This book will be brand new to me so I will likely approach it by doing a write up of my initial impressions and then check in again after working in the book for a good length of time.

Josh’s website and book are here:

In the mean time, tap some notes.

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