Good morning! I hope you are well. Autumn is setting in nicely here, the air is already crisp and cool.

Let’s talk about stress.

Each of us has things inside that cause us stress; worries about career, family and finances.

Anger and resentment about liberties we are deprived of and the insular nature of popular news propaganda.

Some of us may be hurting from the loss of a loved one, a lack of trust or be worrying about romance or the absence of.

Many among us struggle at times with depression, self punishment or denial, or a negative self image.

Today, Let’s do something about it!

We all have these complex layers of emotions and beliefs. Often we might let our delayed successes or perceived failures dictate our feelings and thoughts.

Why do we believe bad things about ourselves?

We are so much more than that.

AND we have the power to analyse and change.

Sometimes we may feel completely clenched up inside, tense, mentally and emotionally constipated.

This is a good time to take a step back and see if we can improve our outlook, attitude and feelings.

We can approach this by using visualization and concentration.

First, take three long, deep breaths. Exhale fully after each breath.

Keep your mind focused on your breathing and how it feels.

Next, turn your thoughts inward, but don’t let yourself become mired in your thoughts.

Let’s put our emotions aside and just probe inside of ourselves, inside our minds.

What are we knotted up over?

What are the fears, stresses and troubles we suffer with?

If you would, please get a pen and paper. Now, as you search within for tension spots, and the troubling subjects, just try to indentify them, describe them briefly and write it down.

What else do we know about ourselves?

What other issues can we find?

What has us clenched up inside?

In our psyche and in our feelings and minds.

Write it all down.

When you’ve finished listin the first things that come to you – take a short break.

Let’s exhale and take three more deep breaths, and let them out.


How do you feel?

What is your mind doing?

Where are your thoughts taking you?

Observe for a moment and then get back in the driver seat.

Are you ready?

Let’s take a deep sigh and imagine.

Imagine yourself as a length of rope. This rope is our entire being.

Feel along it. You can sense the knots in your rope.

Some will be the troubles you listed earlier.

Tug at the knots.

Probe them one by one.

How tightly pulled are they?

How do they make you feel?

Keep going, carefully, analyse a couple of your internal knots, if you find them.

Why are we so tied up inside?

A large part of it is us.

We can steer our mental processes but often we let our emotion drive while we sit back.

Let’s reverse that now, and use our mind to undo the mess of worries with in our selves.

Find and settle on a knot.

What is it about? How tense is this knot?

These knots pull at you and keep you from being as big and full and successful as you can be.

Tug at the knot. Find the tension – and release it by pulling at the string from the center of the know.

Do you need to feel this tied up?

You can still know and think about all the little somethings that bother you, but realize that you don’t need to be punished by them. You don’t have to be knotted up over it.

You might have a decision to make, but this worry and stress is not helping you to act or think clearly.

Visualise the knot as you pull at it.

At first it resists, and it barely budges. It has been tied up for some time and has worn in to this position.

Now visualise that knot beginning to budge, and to loosen.

Your ropes begins to move within you, and from with in the knot.

Now it opens to you, and you need just reach in and finish untying this burden.

With out this knot, your rope is longer and more supple, ready for challenges and more useful and capable of accomplishing tasks.

The rope doesn’t bruise, so breathe easy.

The issues can still bee addressed but now you may approach it with a cooler head and clear eyes. Take some optimism in to your challenges.

You’ve recognized, loosened and untied one knot – so you know that you can do it again.

If you are losing focus or are worn out, then feel free to stop here for now; and know that you can come back and work on this again.

Let’s move to another know and begin gently probing it.

Analyze it in order to understand it.

What caused the knot?

What is at the center of it?

Is there a stone inside?

Continue to carefully pull apart these knots with compassion and understanding.

Only by better understanding ourselves can we really connect with others in more meaningful ways.

The tied up, caught up, tense or negative feelings are not here to help you.

Let them go. Blow them away like a puff of dandelion seeds.

Imagine and know how much better you feel as you release your anchors to these burdens.

Remember it is not irresponsible to feel good.

Allow yourself to feel good or to feel neutral as you prefer.

Sometimes it is good to be the still surface of undisturbed water.

Finally, lean back, smile and turn your attention to the wonderful day upon you.

It is filled with chances and opportunity.

Who do you want to be?

Who are you now?

You are amazingly powerful, and only you can best steer your ship, can navigate your tangles, in ways that will best suit you and will lead to success and happiness.

Don’t wait for success – let yourself be happy now.

And know that you are already moving toward good things.

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