I know you want this to be a sweet solution,

where I wash all your obstacles away and convert hard work time in to fun time.

It’s not magic but it IS a short cut,

in that it will save you from wasting time on your path to playing more effectively.

Here it is:

– Practice every day.

Keep a routine practice schedule and stick to it.

– If you can play every day, do it.


You CAN play everyday.

Take a moment and think of all the little moments in each day where there is a bit of slack time. Make up your mind and take back that slack time.

Find a way to make at least 5 minutes to play music every day.

Maybe you pick out your outfits or make your lunch the day before.

Peel your self away from your social media and your television. Watch less TV to make time for practicing.

Practice while you watch TV if you struggle to get away from it.

While not effective for practicing every aspect of music, playing on the couch can be useful for working on muscle memory and practicing repetitive skills, such as slapping, plucking, and muting.

Find some time to play more. Make time and take time to practice.

If you combine this with logging or writing down your practice and the things you worked on, then you will see results.

Imagine, if you let go of procrastination and just realize that you can achieve results. That you can start making improvements for yourself right this moment. Don’t wait. Let’s do this.

If you log 15 minutes of bass playing every day for the next month, You WILL improve.

Now imagine if you log 15 minutes of bass playing every day for a year. That is a ton of skill you will have built by putting in a small amount of work each day!

Well, I’m off to the woodshed for more practice.

Cheers and until next time, play some sustained notes!

  1. I have been working on making every space that I spend time in a more creative one, and even if it just means trying to have a guitar or bass in that room to grab and fiddle around with while I am watching a YouTube video, I find it to be a much more enjoyable and natural way of starting a practice session.

    This is really inspiring me to get back to my serious drum practice routine… thanks mate! 👍

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