Record Production

At Dannabass we pride ourselves on our ability to get the most out of musicians during the recording process. We get inside your music and absorb it to better achieve and understand the goals and scope of the music.

We will pull up the essence of your music and bring it alive vividly.

We can help either in person or online.

We record and synthesize music tracks in many styles. Our strengths are in electronic and hybrid styles such as Hip Hop, Lofi, Trap, Ambient, Dance and also in live performance electric and acoustic styles, such as Indie Rock, Punk, Post- genres, Metal, Folk, Psychedelic and more.

If you are looking to record your tracks or to improve on and add to what you have already created, contact us today.

We have session musician services available, as well as orchestration and arranging.

We are able to provide an on location recording engineer (distance depending) to run your equipment and get the takes so you can focus on playing your heart out. With the engineer service, we can also bring our own equipment for an additional fee.

Also available are transcription services, either for your original music if you need sheet music for it, i.e. for copyright reasons, or for providing to sit ins and new musicians in the group. Or we can transcribe nearly any piece of music, provided we get access to it.

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Reach out today and help us help you. We want to build a relationship that you can rely on.