Daily park hour.

It’s exactly what it sounds like,

and you can do almost anything while you spend your hour at the park each day.

So here’s the idea:

As part of a decision to be healthier and live a more fulfilling life, we try to make time every day to go to the park for about an hour. Use this time to do things at the park or nearby. And by do things, I mean, spend the time wisely. But for the most part the idea is to begin to ramp up your activity levels and time spent being active by doing stuff out at the park.

Walk. Easy run. Jog. Bike ride. Skip, hop, jump. Side step. Bear crawl. Crab walk. Bound. Lunge. Squat.

Stuff. Lots of stuff you can do. And there’s pretty much endless options to mix up how you conduct your time in the park. Your park hour.

Feel free to invent activities or variations or routines. Or to customise activities to your circumstances.

If you play basketball, maybe you carry a ball while you walk and run to pay attention to how you move with the ball and how it feels, how your body rhythm moves you.

I dunno, I don’t play enough basketball. But you probably know something about whatever sports or crafts or hobbies you pursue. You likely know enough to have some ideas of exercises that can help to improve your abilities and we can consult experts in books or online or in person or however and we can look for more and better ideas for exercise.

I like to change it up. I might start with some stretching and then walk for 5 minutes to get warmed up. I’ll do 20 high knees, do 20 butt kicks. Do 6 forward lunges on alternate legs.

Walk for a bit and then do 5 minutes of easy running at a conversational speed, whatever doesn’t get you out of breath. After we are well warmed up, maybe we run some strides. Maybe we do five short running strides of increasing speed at their peaks.

I dunno, these are just ideas. What you do is not as important as your intent to improve and our attempts at practicing mindfulness and enjoying the moment.

You might fly a kite at the park or do sketching. Vocal warm ups and vigorous breathing exercises. Whatever you do, make it what fits you and your goals.

Box step or box jump, there’s plenty of sturdy benches or other spots to step up and down quickly and get your cardio up.

Jump rope at the park. Imamu always told me that jumping rope is the best cardio exercise.

To sum up, I propose the idea of just taking yourself (or bringing others, or bringing your doggos) to the park or somewhere outside for about an hour as many days of the week as you can.

You deserve it. It’s your time to be in the moment. Get your heart rate up and know that your are moving on the path to more healthy life habits.

Until next time, play some notes outdoors.

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