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My goal is to be constantly working towards progress. I try to analyze and shake up my comfortable beliefs regularly over time, to challenge myself to shed inhibitions and self made obstacles. In the quest to live productively and fulfillingly.

If I were to sit in my comfortable beliefs and indulge myself in delusions that I am held back by things beyond my power or control; then I would languish in depression and anger and resentment. My health would probably decline as well as my sense of wonderment and humor.

Today I want to look at mindfulness, and how a little appreciation for this moment – and appreciation for our own place in this moment and journey – can help guide us towards a happier and healthier life.

Take yourself for example,

now think about your choices and habits and moods.

Are you satified with everything in your life?

Are you happy with your own emotional and behavioural control?

Do you have regrets or discomfort with how some of your interactions play out?

Let me also ask:

Are you making any efforts to pull yourself back in to the current moment?

We spend so much of our time thinking about the future; daydreaming, if you will, thinking about what could be or what has occured and how great or awful it was and how great or awful things can be going forward.

Now I won’t discourage you from taking time to plan, as it is a seriously helpful and effective way to start to focus your efforts and spend less time wasting your energies or dawdling preciously.

Many of us make time to sit and dredge ourselves through the mess of news and social media.

If we have time to do those backward looking, unproactive, unhealthy activities

– Then we certainly have time to sit in the current moment and appreciate the now.

First let’s talk about ways that you can peel your mind from the frets and planning and dwelling, and redirect it in to the valuable moment you have up on you now.

And now.

And now.

And now.

For as long as we function, we have the blessed opportunity to savor the nectar of now.

So don’t make yourself feel guilty or down if you indulge in thinking forward and backward about what was and what will be.

But when you find yourself wandering and almost lost in these ideas,
when you feel the stress and urgency of the wasted moments,
Use it.

Make it a reminder, a call to consciousness.

We won’t live forever. This moment is already passing torrentially.

Let us take a moment to savor the now.

How does you body feel?

Are you in any discomfort?

Is there anything calling out for attention?

How about your mind and emotions?

Remember these are two separate facets of yourself that often cooperate or combat each other for control over your actions and being.

What do you feel?

Acknowledge any feelings you have; good, bad or indifferent.

Do you know why these particular feelings are present?

Take a moment to put them aside.

You can always go back to the place and feeling where you were before you took this pause.

But just pause now.

Take a deep breath…

…. and let it out.

Take another deep breath,

… and savor it.

Close your eyes if you feel like it, and breathe deeply again.

Let go of your emotions.

Let go of your thoughts and worries.

– They aren’t going anywhere, just put them aside for now,

lift yourself from the burden of your thoughts and feelings. They will always try to tug at you.

This is method one.

As is a practice of many schools of mindfulness, center yourself in the present.
Let your thoughts come back to your breath.

Don’t force your breaths, let them come easy and natural, from down in the bottom of your belly.

Take a moment to see how you are breathing..

Is your chest tight?

Does your stomach feel comfortable?

Does anything seem off?

These mindful moments are a chance to realign yourself, to catch yourself doing things that may not benefit you.

The stress of the news/social media culture encourages to constantly panick.

Causes us to breath shallowly, which in turn reduces our oxygen intake and increases our anxiety.

Remember now, that everyone and everything ends, let this not be a fear.
Let it be a comfort.

Much as the sand was worn down and transformed from a mountain in to a boulder in to a rock in to a pebble, in to a grain of sand; this is what we are also.

We are more than capable of change with out the intense instructive forces of nature, wind, water, fire, etc.

We are blessed with the ability to ignite change from within.

Take a deep breath,
… and let it out.

Let all the pettiness ..
and self obsession..
..and fear flow out of you,
relaxing more and more with each exhale.

Find yourself now in a calm place.

A safe place, a neutral place in your mind.

What is troubling you?

Take that trouble for a moment and imagine inflating a balloon and filling it with all of your troubles.
Visualise letting go of the balloon. Let it drift away from you. Don’t worry, we can call it back if we ever need to.

Now put yourself on an island in your mind.
You are on a sandy beach.
You can see crystal clear fresh water pools and a waterfall through the tree line.
You can smell fragrant flowers, maybe jasmine, maybe trumpet vine, something intoxicating.
You see that the island is ripe with fruits and other edibles.
All of your needs are covered here, but you are alone.

Do not fear the solitude.

Sit on this beach, lay out and let the breeze blow across you.

if the negative or anxious feelings come back, just blow them away, like a leaf that floats on the breeze.

Take a deep breath, and then take another one.

Come back to your physical being.

Where are you now?

How does it feel?

Maybe ask yourself important questions while you are calm and centered.

Remember this. Remember these feelings and this process.

Whenever you are distraught, remember you can use your breath to bring you back to the moment.
Focus first on your breath, the in and out of your life, here and now in the moment.

This will be our tool.

Go out in to the rest of your day now with renewed purpose.

Start to make your life follow your path, and ignore for now any path that has been set out for you.

Find what you care about and what you want in this moment. In this life.

Thank you.

More on mindfulness in an upcoming post!

Thank you for reading

Please share with anyone you think can benefit from these posts and see you again soon!

Until next time, Play some mindful notes!

  1. I have read this at least three times now, and it is so well written that every time I come back I am more excited than the previous time to read it… thank you for this. 🙏

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