Well, are you curious?

Make a mental guess using your life experience now.

Go ahead and think about it for yourself. Take a moment.

There is not going to be a universal answer but there may be many jewels of wisdom among our answers, which should vary – no two individuals live the same lives. There may be things we can glean from the overlap and the outlier.

Like music, poetry, nature and life – many things have narrow rules and and redudant tendencies.

YET we continue to produce original music and poetry, nature produces new forests and deserts and oceanscapes, Lives lived simultaneously do not play out identically, even when we make the same choices and account for our circumstances.

We are all born in to limitations.

Our molecules only combine so many ways, the common 12 tone equal temperment musical system only contains so many notes. The English language only contains so many words – although this is an exception also, over time words and phrases are being coined or dying out.

We don’t choose where we are born, or to whom, or how our genes will play out for us.

It is amazing to observe how limitations spur creativity.

I don’t think we will run out of songs, or run out of novels, or will end up living out identical lives, aside from in some nominal or superficial ways.

Songs all have starts and ends and I dare say titles. Lives all begin and end. There are strong commonalities, and often established standards or methods with in our behaviors and activities.

And yet we manage to do new things in new ways!

To create and rearrange and find beauty and joy and particular meaning in our own choices, our own take on the commonplace.

If we both take the same chords – we will still write different songs with them.

Alright so I think you are all warmed up and ready to hear this.

So the big secret, that I think we all need to know, is this:

Yes, You CAN do it.

When you embrace possibility, when you accept that you may and can achieve things that you want,

Possibility opens to you.

It’s like the old saying – You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

If you don’t start your journey, you won’t get the destination.

You can start by just making this simple, self affirmation:


You are a laser, focused and directed by your mind.

Point it at something you want to do, at anything you know for yourself that you must do.

This laser – which you are – can assess and compile information and process it in a way designed to illuminate the steps involved in achieving the results that you desire.

Even as an amateur, as a complete newbie, we can benefit from just turning our attention towards what we love and care about. Yes there probably will be a lot of things – work, effort, self questioning and analyses, challenges, roadblocks, plateaus. If climbing a mountain or mastering a skill were straightforward and unchallenging, then all of us would be masters on mountains. But that would gut our actions and experiences in a way that would leave them less signifcant. If absolute success was so easy, would we be interested by it??

I can’t give you any short cuts or snake oils, everything we want to achieve and learn takes time, effort and focus.

but the lesson, our mantra, our affirmation


This is THE short cut. THE secret.

The hardest part is deciding what you want to do and ensuring that you enjoy doing it.

After that, we can either begin work on the rudiments of our subject or we can consult with someone who is more fluent in the subject to help guide us and hopefully pass on the refined learning and training techniques that the expert has accumulated.

We do stand on the shoulders of giants. And many of those giants are our kin, our over arching clan. Your teacher can pass on to you the contributions that were given to him by his “giants.” This learning of excellence through cooperation and the personal relationship is akin to an oral history, that grows and continues due directly from the person to person transmission of ideas.

When you know what you want to do, just start at the beginning, start doing it. Make an attempt. Then seek out more information. Seek out good counsel and information in the beginning and you will benefit from it many times over.

Keep coming back to assessing the steps to take to continue moving forward.

Keep coming back to find better information and context. Learn from experts. But also observe and learn from your peers, and if you have students or offspring – learn from them too.


The sooner you accept this about yourself, the sooner you can align yourself and your activities with achieving your goals.

Start today.

If you have any doubts, or can’t see the path forward to achieve your dreams and goals – I am here for you. Reach out to dan@dannabass.com and I will work to break down the actions needed to get and keep you on the path to your success. Even if I can’t help you based on my profession and experience, I can attempt to find a relevant teacher/practicioner or the early steps of how to approach your goal.

Until next time, get out there and move towards what you want in life. Come back and share your stories.

And play some happy notes.

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