If you care about the state of the world and conserving and preserving the environments, saving the views and the flora and fauna, and even just about making the streets around you better – Then there is a great way you can make a difference NOW!!

If you care, stop virtue signalling and complaining and hoping SOMEONE ELSE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Stop that horrible mindset this instant. BE THE CHANGE. MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

If you care about anything, don’t wait, don’t lobby someone else, lobby yourself in to action! You can make a difference everyday.

If you care about the world around you and your community – and you should care – then there is a super easy way that everyone of us can make a positive impact on the world.

Start by picking up one piece of trash everytime you leave the house.

Everywhere you go, make it a point to PICK UP ATLEAST ONE PIECE OF TRASH.

Everytime you travel, you will be leaving the places better than you found them. Slowly, you will make a difference. The environment will benefit. And even if the net result is not very visible or personally measureable, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you did something positive! You took action!

Now imagine if we were able to get almost every person to pick up TWO pieces of trash everytime they went out. Imagine we could get more people to not throw their trash down. To take their cigarette butts to the trash.

We can reduce the waste and the environmental impact, by just taking small actions.

AND IT COSTS US LITERALLY NOTHING. Simply the effort of picking up litter while on your journeys. That’s all it takes.

I do this almost everyday now. Pretty much every time I walk, I just pick up a few cigarette butts or water bottles, bottle caps, chip bags, soda/energy/beer cans, straws, cellophanes, empty cigarette packs, and more.

I don’t even bring a garbage back currently. I just pick up as much as I see until I can’t carry any more comfortably, and then I carry it all to the trash can where I dump it and start over.

Some times there won’t be trash cans available, and as a result, we will only be able to grab a few pieces of trash total.

I used to mountain bike every week and I always used the drink holders on the sides of my backpack to stash trash I found along the ride – Net Improvement!

I know you can do this and it can help all of us start to be net positives and to feel better by doing better.

Stop waiting for some nonsense government action, be the action and you will gain momentum.

Good things are done by people and individuals, not by politics and hope.

This is true all over, most of the nations conservation money for parks and wildlife comes directly from hunters, from citizens who are doing their thing. Not from some levied, pilfered tax out of everyone’s back pockets. That only ends up divvied up ammongst corrupt politicians.

BE THE CHANGE and they won’t be able to siphon you off for their own petty desires.

I hope you will find it in yourself to start picking up trash everytime you go out. And if you litter, let this be your wake up call. Litter hurts everyone. Don’t be that way, take responsibility for your trash and keep the outdoors beautiful.

Until next time, play some funky notes!

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