Available for readers, writers, scripts, product info or anything you need to be written and read correctly:

Dannabass CopyEdit service is here for you!

For a fee, scalable to the size of the work, we will read through your text repeatedly and locate the errors in spelling, redundancy, grammar, syntax and more. Then we will provide you with choices or critical feedback on anything that was too ambiguous or which requires more a specific correction.

The end result will be your voice, the voice of your text, shining through as intended – with out any interference from textural mistakes.

Our copyeditors have years of experience working on multiple newspapers, creative writing magazines and journals, as well as a love for reading. We have always been a stickler for copyediting, now let our skill and proclivity work for you!

When we are done, we will provide you with either a revised text with notes on what changes were made and why, or we will provide you with a detailed rundown of all the errors and suggested corrections so your product can shine.

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