Artists and Businesses We Support

At Dannabass, we love all kinds of music. And we love when we can share and support an artist from our local community and our personal experiences. Below we have a list of wonderful bands, studios and music businesses that we know first hand. Also included are artists we have seen locally and just want to shine a little more light on.

Do you have a project or a story that you’d like to share with us? We want to hear about it! Tell us about your shows, your projects, art, new and ongoing business ventures or personal goals. We are part of the community and we’d love to come out and help support YOU!

We recommend the following:

– Studios/teachers –

Lunar Fifth Studios – – Aaron over at L5S is an incredible person with a positive outlook. At Lunar Fifth Studios, they do top quality Voice Over work along with a host of other services. Including ghost writing, graphics, portable engineer on request, and more. And L5S also offers weekly production tips. I’ve worked with Aaron in many capacities and I only have good things to say. If you need Voice Over work, go to Lunar Fifth studios. His best kept secret might be that he is a phenomenal guitar player, shredding a multiscale 8 string as of late.

Jungle Ruckus Productions – – Rick at Jungle Ruckus will help you promote and booking your music. Need staff for your show or event? Call Jungle Ruckus and get the help you need. Jungle Ruckus also records and produces music, with a focus towards acoustic, folk and jam artists.

– Artists –

Orcinus – – Orcinus is a local trio the plays whatever the kind of heavy music they want! Definitely metal, yet they also incorporate a splash of punk sound and attitude. These guys blur the line between thrash, crust and technical death metal.

A New Bus – – A New Bus is a fun and exotic sounding electronic music producer with an experimental bent. ANB is an artist with a clear mindset and sense of aesthetics. Need something fresh and spunky to listen to? Go check out A New Bus and see what you think! Blending many genres, sounds like funk and world music got put in to an electronic hip-hop blender.

Eye Sea Beats / Fifth Dimension Studios – – Eye Sea Beats with Fifth Dimension studios is a hip hop and rap producer. He makes rhythmic and moody tracks that are perfect for some kinds of flow and lyrical prowess. If you are in the market for a new track, reach out to Eye Sea Beats and see what is in store for you.

Scargucci – – This up & comer is also to be found in the hip hop production scene. Scargucci focuses on old school bass and funk and jazz drums. Keeping it classy and grooving, Scargucci’s music provides a bespoke style that is reminscient of the big city (NYC) and the golden ages of yesteryear, yet with a clear eye towards the future.

Rubedo – – Rubedo is a force to be reckoned with on stage, blending indie rock and funk with psychedelic jam, they have a unique outlook and style. Rubedo is known to do exciting things like giving out crystals with their tickets, including instructions to soak them in moonlight and bring them to the show! These metaphysical jokesters have just put out a new album not too long ago. Go check it out.

Mr. Specific – – Mr. Specific is an instrumental trio that mixes math rock with jam rock. Watch Will burn his fretboard with lightning fast guitar licks while the drummer and bassist melt your skull with fat, hypnotic grooves. Go take a listen to their 2019 album Going Out Swinging. Also, On Spotify only, they released a 3 song EP in 2020 called Ignore the Last One which you can access here: