Hello there. I don’t know about you, but I love to read – not every book, not all the time.

Besides my life time fiction addiction, I gravitate towards books that teach us music or explore the workings of our minds or bodies.

I read books on coaching and on cognitive behavorial therapy. Books about experts in fields of sport, performance and exercise. Some of these books have profound impacts on myself and how we develop our methods and practice. Or even just how we view the path to improvement.

Others are simply inspirational by their nature. A great, mostly fiction book about Buddy Bolden ripping the trumpet as one of the earlier American music Kings and his imagined adventures can be very motivating and inspiring. Some books fall in between inspiration and education.

Here is a short list of the books that will be coming up here for review and discussion of how we can benefit from their contents.

If you have suggestions for further reading, please email me your titles and authors and maybe a bit about why you reccommend the book(s).

Peak. Secrets from the new science of expertise – by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool

The Art of Learning. An inner journal to optimal performance – by Josh Waitzkin

The Spirit of Music. The Lesson Continues – by Victor Wooten

Atomic Habits. An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones – by James Clear

The Mission of Art – by Alex Grey

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming – by Tom Hoobyar and Tom Dotz

The Artist’s Way. A spiritual path to higher creativity – by Julia Cameron

Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-in – by James Bartholomew

————-We will also be revisiting some books:

Effortless Mastery – by Kenny Werner

The Music Lesson – by Victor Wooten

Coming Through Slaughter – by Michael Ondaatje

—————On the musical front, I will be discussing several books I work from, including:

Right Hand Drive – by Damian Erskine

The Evolving Bassist – by Rufus Reid

Latin Bass Book – by Oscar Stagnaro and Chuck Sher

Two Handed Tapping – by Charles Berthoud and Jim Stinett

Odd Time Reading Text – by Louis Bellson and Gil Breines (this one includes built in reading quizzes, unintentionally!)

True Cuban Bass / El Verdadero Bajo Cubano – by Carlos Del Puerto and Silvio Vergara

Decoding Afro-Cuban Jazz: The Music of Chucho Valdez and Irakere – by Chucho Valdes and Rebeca Mauleon

Bass Players Guide to the Galaxy – by Janek Gwizdala

Standing in the Shadows of Motown – by Dr. Licks

Berkelee Jazz Bass

60 Melodic Etudes – by John Patitucci

Odd Meter Bass – by Timothy Emmons

Building Walking Bass Lines – by Ed Friedland

Building Jazz Bass Lines – by Ron Carter

Odd Times. Workout in odd time signatures, vol.90 – by Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Chord Chemisty – by Ted Greene

Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing vol. 1 & 2– by Ted Greene

Modern Chord Progressions – by Ted Greene

If you are learning from any of these books or would like to begin studying them, please contact me to schedule a lesson.

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