OK, are you ready for this BONUS tip?


Make and Use a Practice Log!

Want to get more out of your time? Write down what you’ve done this practice session.

What technique did you work on and how did it go?

Plucked eighth notes for a few minutes with the metronome at 80 bpm? Write it down!

Learned a new song and already worked on the verse and the chorus for a bit? Write it down!

Get yourself a notebook and a writing utensil, or a voice to speech app for your device or whatever method you find works best for you to WRITE DOWN and SAVE YOUR PRACTICE NOTES!

Write it all down!! Any time you practice, grab that pen or keyboard and type out what you’ve done and for how long.

Write what was hard. Write what didn’t feel great.

Write what you want to learn next, or in the future. Write ideas for future practicing. Make notes to yourself that you can use when you read back on them.

As a bonus for all this recording our rehearsing, we can look back on our efforts and review our triumphs. We can see our progress.

What did you do this year?

You learned those songs and really got a grasp on how to play that technique you want to play.
Every so often, after you’ve written some practice log entries, Give yourself the satisfaction of reading your own accomplishments.

That’s it for this one, folks.

Swing by again soon and until next time, play some notes!

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