Dannabass Studios

At Dannabass we do music production, audio and text. Try any of our services and be delighted by the quality.

Mix and Master Treat your audio to luxurious, enrapturing sound with our mixing services. We also offer mixes and masters for artists on a budget. Ask about our $30 mix or $30 master services
Production and Recording Work with our producers and session musicians to create custom music, electronic and acoustic
Originals/Sync We offer a variety of licenses for our original music. And we can be hired to score or tailor music to your projects.
Voice Over Voice recordings – Commercials, Narration, Audiobooks, Anime and more. We have a voice for you
Lessons We provide guided lessons towards your next level up. We offer creativity & productivity workshops as well as traditional music lessons. Currently featuring lessons in Bass, Guitar, and REAPER DAW production, as well as personal creativity sessions.
Copyedit / Proofreading Our editors are experienced and love to read. Give your project a professional appeal by having us analyze and correct your texts.